Hijacking Public Housing: Book Review

Posted on May 21, 2015


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The history of public housing in the United States can be read, in part, as a history of the modern impoverishment of racial minorities, in particular, of the African American population. As reviewer Rhonda Y. Williams notes, Edward G. Goetz has written a “multi-layered analysis of housing policy and redevelopment,” in a book that “explicitly examines black removal from urban spaces and the perpetuation of racialized poverty.”

by Rhonda Y. Williams

Southern Spaces

New Deal Ruins
Race, Economic Justice, and Public Housing Policy
Edward G. Goetz

Cornell University Press
ISBN-10 0-8014-5152-3
ISBN-13 978-0-8014-5152-2

By Rhonda Y. Williams

The image on the front cover of New Deal Ruins reverberates prophetically. In March 1972, after only two decades of occupancy, the first of Pruitt-Igoe’s thirty-three public housing towers came tumbling down in St. Louis, Missouri. Looming over heaps of wires, steel, and concrete slabs, other hollowed out high-rise…

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