The 9 Thingz Black People Can’t Do

Posted on June 12, 2015


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From having pool parties to, literally, walking down the street, African Americans are often targeted as potential criminals.

Video footage showing a McKinney, Texas, police officer sitting on top of a black teenage girl attending a pool party June 5, 2015Youtube Screenshot

When I was 21, a police officer at the scene of a fire cursed me out.

It didn’t matter that I was there with a camera crew and working for a TV station in St. Louis. It didn’t matter that I was absolutely nowhere near the fire (I was standing across the street). He thought I, wearing a suit and carrying a reporter’s notepad, badge and pen, was some punk, teenage lookie loo.

The cameraman spoke up for me, explaining that I had a right to be there. The officer just yelled more and became belligerent. Realizing that I had no interest in being arrested…

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