Charleston Shootings: Liberals Call For Disarming ALL WHITE PEOPLE

Posted on June 19, 2015


The Silent Soldier

June 19, 2015

tomfernandez28 Blog: by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON

Liberals reacted to the tragic shooting at an Episcopal Church in Charleston last night by calling for an immediate gun ban in order to disarm all white people.

Police are still on the hunt for a 21-year-old slender, clean shaven white suspect who opened fire on a bible study group at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, killing nine people before fleeing the scene.

One of the victims included Rev Clementa Pinckney, a state senator and pastor.

The incident is already being exploited by liberals to push their twin agendas of gun control and racial division, with many advocating that a total gun ban targeting only white people be immediately enacted.

Comedian Rohan Joshi, who has 395,000 Twitter followers, reacted to the shooting by calling for the NRA to be designated a terror organization and for hateful “crazy white people” to be…

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