Jade Helm and the Federal Reserve Conspire to Steal Your Bank Account

Posted on June 19, 2015


Christian Patriots

As the global economy sits ready to implode, the World’s elite are preparing to steal the bank accounts and all other financial assets of every citizen in all modern nations.

Going, Going, Almost Gone!!!

It has never been more important to get your money out of the bank than it is today. Bank bail-in are coming to America. As of June 3, 2015, the European Commission has ordered 11 EU countries to enact what is called “The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD)” within the next 60 days or be taken before the European Union Court of Justice for failure to comply with the new directive.

Just in case you have not heard the latest, all current bail-in legislation contains the goal of placing the burden on creditors when banks collapse. This means that when the banks crash, you are not getting your money back. The FDIC’s only…

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