Former NSA Director Mocked All of Us on Second Anniversary of Snowden Leaks

Posted on June 23, 2015



From Antimedia, by Claire Bernish, Jun 2015

When former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden spoke about the impact of Edward Snowden’s leaked information on domestic surveillance reform at the annual Wall Street Journal CFO meeting, he could have just as easily pointed his finger and laughed—at all of us:“If somebody would come up to me and say ‘Look, Hayden, here’s the thing: This Snowden thing is going to be a nightmare for you guys for about two years. And when we get all done with it, what you’re going to be required to do is that little 215 program about American telephony metadata — and by the way, you can still have access to it, but you got to go to the court and get access to it from the companies, rather than keep it to yourself’ — I go: ‘And this is it after two…

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