The Latest Federal Mandate Threatening Doctor’s Offices

Posted on June 26, 2015



From The Daily Signal, by Natalie Johnson

Gerald Harmon, a member of the American Medical Association’s Board of Trustees, owns a small, family medical practice in coastal South Carolina.  A doctor for more than 20 years, his practice is among the many private, independent doctor’s offices threatened with financial insolvency because of an impending unfunded government mandate.

Doctors have just over 90 days to comply with a regulation that could cost between $56,000 and $8 million and requires they transition to a costly and complex disease coding system known as ICD-10 interlinked with physician health care reimbursement by Oct. 1. Harmon said only 11 percent of practitioners are prepared.

“At a time when physicians are asked to do quite a lot of things that take them away from patient care, they’re now being face with this unfunded mandate in the ICD-10, which carries with it a significant both financial and…

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