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What is ALEC?

March 5, 2017


About ALEC The American Legislative Exchange Council is America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators dedicated to the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism. ALEC’s activities, while legal,[14] received public scrutiny after being reported by liberal groups in 2011 and after news reports from outlets such as The New York Times […]

The Arizona Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow the government to seize the property of people who help plan a demonstration that turns violent.

February 24, 2017


Plan a Protest, Lose Your House: Arizona Senate Passes SB 1142 Charging ‘Provocateurs’ With Racketeering Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 11:06 a.m By Ray Stern The Arizona Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow the government to seize the property of people who help plan a demonstration that turns violent. If the bill […]

(KY) HB 147 College immunization bill clears House committee

February 9, 2017


For Immediate Release February 9, 2017 College immunization bill clears House committee FRANKFORT—Whooping cough. Measles. Meningitis. Just hearing these words can strike fear in most any parent or school teacher. But it’s not just young school children who are at risk. College and university students can also get communicable diseases says Dr. Patty Swiney, a […]

Jeff Sessions confirmed to be the next attorney general

February 9, 2017


By Ashley Killough, Tom LoBianco and Ted Barrett, CNN Updated 10:25 PM ET, Wed February 8, 2017 Washington (CNN)The Senate voted Wednesday to confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama as the next attorney general, surviving a vocal push by Democrats to derail his nomination. The 52-47 vote was mostly along party lines, though one Democrat, […]

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell Launch ‘Bold and Aggressive’ 200-Day Plan to Implement Trump Agenda

January 29, 2017


by Neil W. McCabe28 Jan 2017Philadelphia2,241 PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania–Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R.-Wis.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.) told reporters Thursday at the Republicans’ policy retreat here that they are committed to a 200-day program to implement the agenda of President Donald J. Trump. “We are actually having a fantastic opportunity right here in […]

House passes medical cures bill

December 1, 2016


By Peter Sullivan – 11/30/16 06:40 PM EST The House on Wednesday passed a medical innovation bill aimed at curing diseases, with the measure securing bipartisan support after months of negotiations. The legislation, known as the 21st Century Cures Act, passed 392-26. It seeks to speed up the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of new […]

The DEA could resume sending medical marijuana patients and caregivers to prison at the end of this month — unless you act right now.

September 14, 2016


The DEA could resume sending medical marijuana patients and caregivers to prison at the end of this month — unless you act right now. You probably already know that for the past two years our movement has succeeded in passing Congressional amendments preventing the Justice Department from interfering with state medical cannabis laws. But those […]

Democrats call for ‘pathway’ to marijuana legalization

July 10, 2016


      By David Weigel July 9 at 6:27 PM ORLANDO — The Democratic Party endorsed a "reasoned pathway to future legalization" of marijuana and called for the drug to be downgraded in the Controlled Substances Act, in a tense and unexpected victory for supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Going into the platform committee […]

U.S.: Congressman Blumenauer Writes Open Letter To President About Marijuana

January 16, 2016


Tue, 01/12/2016 – 22:24 – steveelliott By Steve Elliott Hemp News Congressman Earl Blumenauer on Tuesday wrote an open letter advocating marijuana legalization to President Obama in advance of the President’s State of the Union speech. "As you begin your last year in office, I hope there is one more step you take to bring […]

The DEA has failed to eradicate marijuana. Now Congress wants it to stop trying.

November 27, 2015


By Christopher Ingraham November 27 at 12:46 PM The Drug Enforcement Administration is not having a great year. The chief of the agency stepped down in April under a cloud of scandal. The acting administrator since then has courted ridicule for saying pot is "probably not" as dangerous as heroin, and more recently he provoked […]

US built ‘equivalent of 10 Keystones’ since 2010 – report

November 8, 2015


Critical reaction to President Barack Obama’s blocking of the Keystone XL pipeline from the oil industry amounted to a shrug, perhaps because the US has constructed enough pipeline in the last five years to equal 10 Keystone projects, a new report stated. Keystone XL’s “deliberation process has gone on so long that the market has […]

George Soros and the Open Society Foundations’ Take on the EU’s Refugee Crisis

October 30, 2015


October 19, 2015; Open Society Foundations Billionaire George Soros was once a refugee, a Hungarian Jew who survived the Nazi occupation of his homeland It should be no surprise that the Open Society Foundations that he founded and capitalized has made the issue of refugees a central component of its programs on rights and justice, […]

Lawmakers, sign on now, to repeal the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (CSA).

September 19, 2015


JackieTreehorn Joined: Sep 2005 TX, USA Posted: 10/20/2008 3:04:42 PM EDT Lawmakers, sign on now, to repeal the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (CSA). Without this authority, the ill-conceived War On Drugs (WOD) stops in its tracks. No one has talked about the War On Drugs for a long time. It has not gone away. […]

Background Briefing On the Mechanics of the United States Refugee Admissions Program Special Briefing

September 12, 2015


Press Releases: Background Briefing On the Mechanics of the United States Refugee Admissions Program 09/11/2015 07:13 PM EDT Background Briefing On the Mechanics of the United States Refugee Admissions Program Special Briefing State Department Official Via Teleconference Washington, DC September 11, 2015 MODERATOR: Thank you, Christy, and thank you all for joining us today. As […]

Ron Paul’s Passive-Aggressive Campaign Against Rand Paul

July 31, 2015


In his pursuit of the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Rand Paul has made sure to put lots of distance between himself and his father—and Dad appears to be firing back. Ron Paul does not approve of his son Rand Paul’s position on the Iran deal, and he let him know Thursday evening in a speech […]

Congressmen Push to Get Us Out of United Nations

July 15, 2015


Rep. Michael Rogers (R-AL) has put forth legislation to repeal the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 and has several supporters in favor of the bill. Currently Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY), Jeff Duncan (R-SC) Westmoreland (R-GA), and Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) has co-sponsored the bill. According to the bill, it would: Repeal The United Nations Participation […]

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act, S.134, only has nine (9) cosponsors and "VOTE HEMP" needs signatures now!

July 10, 2015


    The Industrial Hemp Farming Act, S.134, only has nine (9) cosponsors. The most recent cosponsors are Senator Bennett (D-CO), Senator Tester (D-MT) and Senator Baldwin (D-WI). We are grateful for their support but we need many more. This important legislation would greatly benefit opportunities in terms of jobs and economic development in legal […]


June 26, 2015


Marijuana addiction drug research gets $3 million grant as Obama encourages legalization

June 26, 2015


By Kelly Riddell – The Washington Times – Thursday, June 25, 2015     The National Institutes of Health is dedicating $3 million to fast-track the development of drugs to treat marijuana addiction — an estimated 4.2 million Americans are hooked on cannabis — even as the president encourages its legalization and more states look […]

What’s really going on?

June 25, 2015


Serra Frank 43 mins · All the hype about the Confederate Flag made me wonder what was really going on from which we were so obviously being distracted. Upon research, the biggest issue that caught my attention was the Trans Pacific Partnership… A revamp of the North American Free Trade Agreement, shrouded in secrecy, and […]

It kept on track an ambitious agenda to complete a sweeping trade Pacific trade agreement joining 12 countries — from Canada and Chile to Australia and Japan — into a web of rules governing trans-Pacific commerce.

June 24, 2015


Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, called trade promotion authority “the most important bill we’ll do this year.” Credit Cliff Owen/Associated Press WASHINGTON — The Senate on Wednesday gave final approval to legislation granting President Obama enhanced power to negotiate major trade agreements with Asia and Europe, […]

Big pharma backs both sides in Pennsylvania marijuana debate

June 22, 2015


Written by Mark Walters, Evening Sun | Jun 22, 2015 1:15 PM   The Medical Cannabis Act, Senate Bill 3, was referred to the Health Committee last month. Introduced in January by Sen. Mike Folmer, R-Lebanon County, the bill cleared the Senate by a 40-7 vote last month. (Harrisburg) — A Pennsylvania representative who has […]

Senator Whose Family Was Caught With Smuggled Cocaine On Cargo Ship Says ‘No’ To Legalized Marijuana

June 5, 2015


A cargo ship which has been linked to anti-drug Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell was stopped and searched before departing from Colombia recently, with approximately 90 pounds of cocaine found on board by the Coast Guard. But now, Senator McConnell is doubling down on his reputation as an “Anti-Drug Senator” by railing against legalized marijuana. The […]

“Little by little, we’ve allowed our freedom to slip away,” Mr. Paul said

June 1, 2015


WASHINGTON — The government’s authority to sweep up vast quantities of phone records in the hunt for terrorists was set to expire at 12:01 a.m. Monday after Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, blocked an extension of the program during an extraordinary and at times caustic Sunday session of the Senate. Still, the Senate signaled […]

“Our education system is a big problem,”

May 31, 2015


“Our education system is a big problem,” Fiorina told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “When a Washington bureaucracy gets involved in program, it becomes heavy-handed and standardized,” she said. “It’s how Washington bureaucracy works.” Common Core provides learning guidelines for K-12 students as they complete each grade of their schooling. Fiorina pointed to […]

Harvard study: Kentucky’s state government one of the most corrupt in the country

May 26, 2015


    by Joe Sonka Correction appended. A new study by Harvard University’s Center for Ethics finds that Kentucky’s state government is among the most corrupt in the country, and second to none when it comes to the “legal corruption” of political favors in exchange for campaign contributions. Whereas the most common measure of corruption […]

TPP stands for "Trans-Pacific Partnership"…it’s a trade deal that is expected to drive down the wages of 90 percent of all Americans.

May 23, 2015


WHAT IS TPP? TPP stands for "Trans-Pacific Partnership"…it’s a trade deal that is expected to drive down the wages of 90 percent of all Americans. 600 corporations have banded together–controlling 40 percent of all global trade–they will be able to extract whatever resources they want from our country…and if we complain, offshore tribunals will decide […]