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I Never Smoked Marijuana — But I’m Serving Life In Prison Over A Marijuana Charge

September 1, 2019


CESAL: I Never Smoked Marijuana — But I’m Serving Life In Prison Over A Marijuana Charge By Craig Cesal Aug 27, 2019 “I sentence you to a term of natural life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole.” These were the words I heard just months after the events of Sept. 11, 2001. You see, at […]


March 18, 2017


Sonni Quick Recently I watched a Conservative/Catholic news station on TV.  There was an interview with the executor of a religious political group. I failed to write down the names. There was a video of a meeting he participated in with Trump. This man’s concern was if there was enough protection for the right to […]

The message they are sending to striking workers is, we will only give you coverage if things turn ugly

September 22, 2016


Thousands of prisoners in over 24 states began a labor strike on September 9, the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising, to demand better conditions and healthcare, the right to unionize and what one organizing group calls an “end to slavery in America.” But one would hardly know it watching major U.S. media, which […]